Skincare meets health

Reduce the appearance of puffiness, blemishes, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation with our new Luxe professional Light therapy device.

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True beauty emanates from within. This is why Luxelaser creates user-friendly, high-quality at-home devices, blending therapeutic light energy with patented technology to nurture your skin internally.

Bye Bye Wrinkles

Reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Maintain your skin’s youthful appearance. Nourish your skin from within.

Hello Clear Skin

Treat mild to moderate acne. Calm existing breakouts. Restore your skin’s clear and healthy appearance.

TMJ- Relieve tension

Soothe your tired muscles, aches and pains. From night time teeth grinding, Increase blood circulation.


150 powerful VL680 lasers
- more powerful than any
other Red Light
• 20 mins 2X per week
• 2 Weekly Treatments
• Keeps a charge for 8

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FDA Cleared, Designed & Manufactured in the USA

Luxelaser Patented Technology

Professional Strength Treatments at Home

Luxe Deluxe

A relaxing facial massage meets the facial therapies you love, all in one device. Reduce tension and relax facial muscles with the technology behind Theragun percussive therapy, now adapted for the face. This multi-tasking device doesn’t stop there — from skin-toning microcurrent to rejuvenating LED light therapy, you can combine and customize more facial health therapies than any other device.

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Why Luxe?

loved and trusted by leading dermatologists, our cutting-edge Luxe professional is made for all skin types and not available in stores!