Hello! We need over 20 UGC a week and are looking for someone who really understands our product! Here is a script we like! 

Note: To better showcase the product please pick a low light environment so that the light can better be seen! Close windows to shut out any outdoor light source and keep a night lamp on.

Tip: One single take/shot. We want the video to come off as if your friend is face timing you about a product they found, the video does not come off as an ad.


I've been using this device by everyday 

Green light to reduce inflammation I no longer have puffiness

Red light anti aging promotes collagen production 

It feels like a facial message you don't have to go to the salon

Blue Light to kill bacteria I no longer have breakouts I am so thankful!

these lights are proven to work there is tons of research they have mask that are very expensive or you can do this at home everyday

and imagine how good your face would feel and look 

its good for lymphatic drainage it helps your jawline

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