Anti Aging Micro-Infusion System

Visible results from the first application. Combines microneedling technique with a powerful ultra-concentrated serum formulated with the most potent ingredients on the aesthetic scene that tighten, firm, reduce
wrinkles, instantly plump and brighten.

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 Increase collagen production levels by 40% naturally. 
Improve skin elasticity by 24.5% for firmer, more youthful-looking skin.
 Refine skin texture and tone for an effortless glow.
 A non-invasive and natural option.
✓ Once a month, lasting results.

Our patented Biojet delivery system uses 32 Sterilized 24k gold needle to trigger repair and stimulate collagen and elastin production and delivers our potent powerful X9 Anti-aging serum precisely to the target areas.

 Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
 Promotes healthier, younger-looking skin  
 Immediate and long-lasting clinically proven results.
Powerful formula with the most effective ingredients on the beauty scene. IconIcon
 5-minute ritual, once a month, at home. Easy, painless and safe.

In LuxeLaser® clinical studies,

After ONE single application


Less wrinkles after 3 hours


More elasticity after 24 hours


More firmness after 14 days

* Results according to LuxeLaser® clinical/consumer studies. For more information refer to each product page.

Why LuxeLaser® Professional?

LuxeLaser® Professional offers the most powerful flexible Anti-aging solution on the market today. Equipped with 32 24k gold needle LuxeLaser® Biojet micro needling is designed and manufactured using LuxeLaser®  proprietary gold-standard patented fast delivery system - to ensure delivery of our potent X9 Anti-aging serum is delivered easily, painlessly, and safely.

While other brands may claim to use “LuxeLaser technology”, there is only one true LuxeLaser.


More effective, and better absorption with LuxeLaser®  Biojet micro needling delivery system

Visible result within the first 2 hours*

Long Lasting Results Professional-quality results at a fraction of cost

Unlike most professional skin treatments, LuxeLaser® Anti Aging Biojet Micro-Infusion System only requires 1 sessions each month for long lasting results.

 Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
 Promotes healthier, younger-looking skin  
 All natural. No pain, side effects, or downtime
Reduces the appearance of pigmentation and redness
 Firmer, rejuvenated & hydrated skin